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DOC -IT is a stress free filing system with security and structure that will save you time and money and will keep your documents safe. Benefits include full audit history on documents and staff, viewing documents digitally rather than printing them, secure encrypted data storage and much more.

Why document management?

  • How much correspondence do you get in a day?
  • Does it take you longer than 60 seconds to find a document?
  • Have you ever lost a document?
  • How much time do you waste every day searching for documents?
  • What does it cost you to print and file all work related emails?
  • If you lose your documents, are there any legal implications?

What is Doc-IT?

DOC -IT is stress free filing with security and structure.

  • Full audit history on documents and staff-includes reports
  • Document relationships allows linked information to appear together
  • View documents digitally rather than printing them
  • Powerful search enables you to quickly find the document you require
  • Automatic revision creation and storage ensures only the latest version is available as the working document
  • Departmental and individual based security makes sure that documents are safe from those who shouldn't be viewing them
  • Internet collaboration through the new web based version
  • Secure encrypted data storage
  • Ensure document delivery through transmittal forms
  • Ensure a document’s lifecycle through Workflow
  • Ensure a business process through Process Flow
  • Quickly assign tasks and set reminders for documents
  • User friendly structure for simplicity

Mail Pro

Mail Pro is the most powerful email tool developed and supported by DOC-IT. Mail Pro stores and acts as a search engine for all your organization’s email.

Mail Pro centrally archives all incoming and outgoing email, providing you with quick access to any email at the push of a button. No matter when it was sent or received.

Why the need to archive email?

The importance of email in today’s corporate world is undeniable. Approximately 541 million workers worldwide rely on email communications to conduct business.

Additionally, email use is not moderate. Research proves that your average staff member sends and receives an average of 133 messages a day and this number is expected to reach 160 messages by 2009. The growth and dependence on email to communicate and exchange documents has resulted in email management becoming critical to organisations like yours.

With so much of your company’s intellectual property residing in its email, it’s vital that you have systems in place to protect your email data 24/7. Mail Pro to the rescue. Mail Pro is an intelligent, yet easy to operate, archiving solution that stores, manages and allows you to search for important corporate data sent or received via email.

Take control of your business

Mail Pro is a revolutionary email monitoring software package that intercepts, copies and scrutinises all incoming, outgoing and internal emails.

Mail Pro allows you to search through all company emails by name, address, words and phrases. Which means you can check on the flow of critical information. You can make sure that your company’s corporate values and identity is not being abused. You can monitor staff behaviour.

Best of all, you can take action before inappropriate behaviour becomes a problem.