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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.


Internet connectivity is substantially intertwined with daily business operations.

It is the crux on which communication pivots and is linked with the ability to generate profits. Despite its importance, business-grade connectivity is not always delivered and is often disrupted. When connections fail, work comes to a standstill. Clients are left without services, employees without tools and objectives can't be met. This can be disastrous when connectivity is mission-critical for job tasks.

Incorporate office connectivity fail-safes to ensure that your business has the benefits of a strong and reliable working connection.

Importance of Staying Connected

100% Up Time means a competitive advantage for your business

• Continue doing business while others are hampered
• Maximize productivity
• Generate and build trust with clients based on reliability
• No lost time waiting for line maintenance


Redundancy Benefits Business Objectives

Redundancy in this context specifically refers to duplicate devices specifically for fail-safe systems.

Should interruption or failure occur, the redundant component acts as a fail-safe to prevent the failure of a system component, in this case the Internet connection. Incorporate office connectivity fail-safes to ensure that your business has the benefits of a strong and reliable working connection.

NCX realizes the value of fail-safe connections. We provide business-grade connectivity and bandwidth with fast and stable fibre. When a system is reliable to begin with, fail-safes are rarely depended upon but this does not negate their importance. Faults are rare, however, if one should occur an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will then power a router [coupled with a SIM card] that is fully protected by a firewall. This equals full connectivity for you! Redundancy means a safe-guarded consistent strong connectivity is always available which is an essential for modern-day business.


Foundation for Success

Keeping your business designed for growth begins with building a strong foundation of IT infrastructure. Systems should have protections built-in from the start. The providers you choose to ally your burgeoning business ought to provide enterprise-level service offerings, industry-leading product partners, and knowledgeable support for every aspect of establishing an agile and reliable network.

NCX is responsive, pro-active, partnered with industry leaders, and possesses the expertise that your business can benefit from.


Design Solutions to match & enhance

Our emphasis at NCX is on the creating relevant & congruent office solutions of tangible value. We don't do one size-fits all or oversell. Discover options that suit your business structure and strategy by contacting us.

NCX's Office Automation Professionals can detail the connectivity services that are scalable and completely customizable. Invest in your business’s uptime by clicking here to request a free quote.

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