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The decision between independently managing your own server versus employing a hosted server deserves special attention.

In the modern business landscape Internet Connectivity is an increasingly crucial component to business success. As business Apps proliferate, cloud data and services expand, the IoT is more readily adopted, and Wi-Fi is a requirement, a company’s dependence on connectivity grows.

Small and Medium Sized businesses (SME’s) must remain accessible to customers, grow their market share, and comply with regulations. NCX’s passion is to provide custom-built business solutions such that SME’s can thrive!

Connectivity Fail-safe’s
Business-Grade Bandwidth
• Managed Hosting Services


Advantages to Enlisting a Hosted-Server

In unmanaged hosting, you are solely responsible for upkeep, service and all issues that may arise with your acquired server. Managed hosting is based on a service agreement that includes both hardware and everything involved in keeping your server functioning optimally. Determining if a hosted server suites your needs requires a closer look at what you get when signing-on for hosting services.

Strategic Alliances that promote Business Operations: 5 Advantages Hosted Servers Offer SME’s

NCX partners with Teraco [] in a strategic alliance that unlocks potential and builds your business by bringing you these benefits:


1. Avoid undetected problems wreaking havoc with your Server

Teraco maintains extensive, sophisticated and continuous unified monitoring - a critical necessity for server health. Constant monitoring picks up on abnormalities, fluctuations, potential points of failure, and is essential to maintaining Business Network’ stabilty.

Monitored Servers ensure that you are provided with uptime while preventing breakdowns and security breaches from affecting your business.


2. Enjoy Peace of Mind with Confidence in Server Security

Security ought to be a priority for every business (regardless of size). SME’s often let security take a back seat in the daily grind and cyber criminals are finding and exploiting these gaps. Hosted Servers come with enhanced security protocols against hardware and software failures, human error, malware, hackers and other security risks. These include:
• Virus scans
• Firewall Configuration
• OS Updates & System Patches
• Audits
• Regular Backups
• Managed Safe Storage & Custom Data basing
• & more..

Employing professionals brings you the benefits of their scope of security experience and knowledge to protect your server, system, data, and business continuity.

Teraco’s security and service offerings are comprehensive allowing for complete peace of mind.


3. Sure-fire Power for 24/7 connectivity, No Matter What

Power disruptions kill connectivity and productivity. Teraco’s built in protections are robust. With multiple protections they can confidently guarantee power. In the face of natural events, interrupted municipal power supply, and even these alongside component failure will not cut server supply.

This impressive offering ensures that your server is safe from power cuts and disturbances, period.


4. Scalable Tailored Solutions that Grow with You

Hosted Services are not a one-size-fits-all approach to server management. NCX service professionals create a custom plan for services based on your needs and priorities, something our collaborators buttress. Teraco offers vendor neutral connectivity. Teraco gives clients the liberty to choose any hardware or equipment they desire and allows for unrestricted choice when it comes to ISP’s, network operators, content, and platforms.

This absolute flexibility allows you to maintain uptime and reliable connectivity without signing on for services or equipment expenses beyond the scope of your business needs. It translates into the freedom and the power to pick and choose what is right for your business, right now.


5. Save Valuable Resources, Reduce Costs & Stretch the Budget Further

In most SME environments the decision to enlist a Hosted Server frees up time, money, and valuable resources already in hot-demand.

The time spent dealing with in-house server-related maintenance, management and emergencies, and the host of accompanying unhosted realities adds up, (exponentially so in a crisis). Small and Medium Businesses that choose a Hosted Server have an opportunity to re-focus this time, energy, and financial expenditure into building their business. This latent potential can be seized by hiring hosting experts equipped to make all things server-related smooth sailing, today and every day.



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