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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.

If you are a small or medium size business, it is likely that purchasing decisions are taken very seriously and getting ROI from all your IT devices and systems is of paramount importance.

Maximizing your technology investments means ensuring that your IT devices are functioning as true assets. Complete integration ensures optimization, increasing their value to your business and is as a foundational move towards achieving greater efficiency.

A common question for businesses is: how to tell when a printer needs replacement? The answer isn’t as clear cut as: when it stops working.

Our Print Professionals, here at NCX, have created this concise guide to five signals that indicate it’s a good time to invest in new print solutions.

When it is Time to replace your Printer

Scenario 1: Print Costs are Too High

If your printing costs have spiralled up to new heights it is definitely time to consider a new printer. NCX devices can deliver usage monitoring - this allows for tracking exactly how your printer is being used on a daily basis. Office Print Protocols can be established, and one can even allocate a Printing Budget to different departments within your business. These measures enhance accountability and decrease wastage and lower costs.

If your business needs require large print volumes, save money by investing in a specialist machine such as AltaLink - capable of delivering high quantities at a budget-friendly, cost-effective price. Design your own configuration and make it completely scalable to suit your needs.

Our print professionals will assess printing use and propose alternatives that focus on reducing excessive costs. NCX offers multiple finance options.


Scenario 2: Rising Maintenance

You are having to place too many service and maintenance calls. Whether you are calling for the printer to be serviced, or fixed, numerous reoccurring printer-faults can cause costs to tally upwards quickly. This is especially true if the service providers you are counting on are not properly qualified. Unskilled technicians can leave your printer in the same broken condition or even worse. Fly-by-night service may collect call-out fees without fixing the problem or dupe management into parts or replacements not truly needed. NCX makes sure this does not happen!

We provide regular scheduled services, maintenance and monitoring. Our professional printing experts provide specialist insight. We serve with integrity, honesty and professionalism.


Scenario 3: Security Features are Non-Existent

A printer can be an access point to your network and it can be hacked. Securing your printer is a non-negotiable. NCX works to eliminate any vulnerabilities with security features which include Data Encryption, Access Control/User Authorization, Network Security features, Image Overwrite (think electronic paper shredding), and password protected secure printing.

Every ConnectKey Technology enabled device is embedded with Intrusion Prevention, Device Detection, Document and Data Protection by partnerships with industry leaders such as McAfee and Cisco.

*VersaLink and AltaLink Xerox Printers both feature ConnectKey Technology.


Scenario 4: It is Just a Printer

Don't settle for 'just a printer'. Technological advances allow for a new breed of printers to be incorporated into Modern Office Design. Banish the stereotype of useless printers that frequently jam; causing frustration over something that is meant to be a simple process.

Instead think ease of access, remote printing securely from anywhere in the world and full office integration.

VersaLink is one such device offering convenient plug-&-play features and touchscreen interfaces makes it easy to use. It is ideal for small or medium size businesses as it is affordable yet comes with state-of-the-art features.

*NCX can design an office network that integrates all devices. Full integration allows for uncomplicated and improved workflow. We implement practical Office Automation such that it is not a “nifty concept” but an actual asset to your work environment. Challenge us, we offer free quotations, simply contact 010 035 1218.


Scenario 5: The Printer does not offer SmartDevice Connectivity

Connectivity is increasingly vital to daily operations. Printers with SmartDevice connectivity unleash potential and allow for ease of use by employees. NCX offers devices loaded with capabilities and integrates them without disrupting your business operations or network security. We can untap the capabilities of the tools that you already have

*If your business doesn't have secure reliable stable Internet Connectivity it’s time to get that sorted. NCX can provide office connectivity fail-safes to ensure that downtime doesn't risk your future profitability.


NCX, The Print Professionals

NCX is a licensed concierge of the full range of Xerox printers here in South Africa. Whatever Xerox Printer Solution you decide on – NCX can source it for you. 

If you think it might be time to replace your printer but are not entirely sure as to which Printing Solution might best suit your business - you may benefit from reading the following article.

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