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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.

New office technologies offer a wealth of benefits to the way you do business. Improved efficiency, decreased frustration and enhanced security are all possible when tech is integrated into an intelligent network.

Resisting change incurs risks which expand beyond the fact that sticking with outdated systems hampers growth. Old tech is one of the common obstacles that impede workflow and decreases staff effectiveness. Out-dated security fail-safes increase exposure to Cyber Criminals and operating without reliable office connectivity cramps business agility. New technologies enable and empower your employees to do more, with more job satisfaction. Working Smarter gives your business a big boost!

How to know when it’s time to replace your printer?


Importance of Adoption

New tech won’t help if office staff doesn’t use it. Employees and system users are frequently initially resistant to change. This is due in part to wariness in respect to change. However, there is also a fear of leaving proficiency behind and having to acquire new skills. This is especially true with devices and systems that impact the way that work tasks are done daily. However, this obstacle is worth overcoming – here are some tips to help:


Facilitate Seamless Change with these Tips

Don’t let a fear of disruption keep your business enslaved to a system whose weakness impede future successes. Employee’s may think it’s a better idea to stick with a broken or outdated system rather than to learn a new one. Here’s how to convince them otherwise.

Build confidence in your work crew and encourage staff to abandon their reluctance to change and welcome new technologies with open arms using these suggestions:

*Just so you know, you have professional backup too! NCX professionals facilitate smooth transitions through training and support at every step of the journey.


Select Tech that can assimilate existing tools.

Incorporate the devices already at work in your office or remote office to reap an easier employee buy-in. A fully integrated system translates into a smoother running business operation. Office Automation frees-up employees and everyone can get on board with that! New devices released by industry giants like Xerox have features such as Connect Key Technology. Employee’s can create, access, amend and print documents from their Tablets or Smartphones. Breakthrough features come standard with the modern printer - Find out more here.


Provide for positive reinforcement

Everyone loves a reward. Don’t just expect employees to adopt new tech, reward them for it. Making tech adoption a game complete with a prize - is capable of shifting the workplace mood from apprehensive to excited! Gamification can facilitate the new tech adoption to be done with eagerness rather than begrudgingly.


Communicate the Advantages not just the Capabilities

Features are awesome but zooming in on them can be overwhelming for reluctant staff members. Instead detail the advantages that the technology will create for your most valuable resource, your people!

Emphasize how new tech will work for them, save time, reduce errors and allow for greater workflow & job satisfaction. When they see what is in it for them, they’ll be inspired to discover themselves how new features can make life at work easier for them.


Allow employees to give input and feedback into what tech choices are made.

This one is a biggie as allowing individuals a voice in decisions that affects them empowers them! This could look like an employee suggestion box, a simple email survey or even just a show of hands in the next staff meeting.

Permitting personal to voice what is a priority for them or speak out about what they think is a good solution; is one of the best ways to promote buy-in on the products and systems chosen. It also lets you know where your employees are at and learn about their preferences that management might not yet be aware of.


Take your calendar into consideration.

Successful adoption of tech is helped along by thoughtful planning beforehand. Take your busy season into account as well as holiday time. Don’t ambush staff with the change. Rather inform and update them so they are included and expecting it.


Your Partner in Productivity

Get more done in a day! NCX partners with small and medium businesses to employ tech solutions that enhance and aid productivity. Our straightforward professional approach allows “achieving more” to be simple. NCX experts offer training to both management and employees to avoid disruption and foster successful adoption. With on-going support you can be confident that you will get the most from your company’s tech investments.

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