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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.

Business challenges are constantly evolving. To prosper in a forever changing market and retain optimal business agility, businesses of every size must arm themselves with the best tools to empower their workday successes.

Enter ConnectKey Technology

When is a printer more than a printer? When it is enabled with ConnectKey technology!

It is time to stop putting office devices in old-fashioned boxes. ConnectKey technology transforms what is possible through access to the world of applications. By delivering a simple to use tablet-like interface, ConnectKey allows for the integration of digital technology that conquers challenges, improves efficiency, and offers the ultimate in customization.

Take closer look at ConnectKey in action with this video short.


ConnectKey to the Rescue in Common Problematic Workday Scenario’s


Office Headache Scenario 1:

The Accounts Payable Department is over their heads in seas of paper. The vital task of invoicing for payment is not being achieve accurately or on-time and company cash flow is being negatively affected.

ConnectKey Solution: Make accounts payable digital. Automate large sections of the invoicing process, secure it, and store it for access now and later. Do this by migrating to e-invoice processing.

E-invoice processing can streamline workflow, improve accuracy, get invoices out on time (every-time), and keep audit trails crystal clear for reporting purposes. It can even speed up payments too!


Office Headache Scenario 2:

Confidential documents are found near the printer out in the open, employees are requesting each other to print out docs, and documents are accidentally being sent to unintended recipients.

ConnectKey Solution: Authentication steps can be programmed and password-enabled print-functions mean that classified docs stay protected at every step.


Office Headache Scenario 3:

Management is rolling the dice on data security protocols leaving the office vulnerable to Cyber Crime i.e. it has no plan in place to protect data or secure valuable information regarding company imperatives, intellectual property or sensitive client data.

ConnectKey Solution: Xerox has the best global security partners ensuring that ConnectKey devices are protected on multiple levels from threats without and within. All data receives the same level of protection.

ConnectKey goes further by working to identify intruders and react immediately, stop malware from spreading, prevent malicious cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. ConnectKey equals peace of mind while exchanging business critical data and keeps your business in line with government and industry standard regulations.


Office Headache Scenario 4:

Remote teams are struggling to stay connected and productivity is suffering as a result. Staff are complaining that they simply don’t have enough time in the workday. Too many dots and none of them are connecting correctly…

ConnectKey Solution: Use ConnectKey Technology to automate processes. This will reduce redundancy and lead to improved efficiency. Use analytic functions to uncover obstacles and employ new digital strategies to overcome them.

Scan to cloud functions make documents readily accessible and editable from anywhere your team is working immediately! This keeps workflow processes going smoothly and keeps work happening in real-time without delays or time-wasting repetitive work functions stealing valuable minutes. Content can be viewed on a range of devices employed in work-on-the-go!


Office Headache Scenario 5:

Budget is stretched tight and there is no clarity around what printing costs are. *How to Know When it is time to Replace Your Printer – simply click here for a concise guiding article.

ConnectKey Solution: Budget and track all printer related expenses. Receive professional support to optimize the printing budget and do more with one multi-function device that works for you not against you!


Office Headache Scenario 6:

Your small business is struggling to stand out in the crowd.

ConnectKey Solution: Harness the power of personalization and put it to work in your client interactions to build loyalty and stronger brand awareness. ConnectKey allows for agile customization for meaningful impressions.


Office Headache Scenario 7:

IT Staff are overworked and grumpy because their IT department resources are too heavily burdened.

ConnectKey Solution: ConnectKey Technology requires no onsite server or infrastructure to service. It does not require maintenance or implementation by an IT department.

Its plug and play status comes with user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

People often resist change, here’s how you can facilitate new tech being adopted in the workplace such that it does not disrupt your staff or your business operations – simply click here for the article.


Xerox: The Perfect Fits For Every Size Business

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only big businesses can take advantage of Xerox printer technology. This is simply not the case! With a wide range of printers priced across the spectrum, small and medium size businesses can enjoy the same cost-saving and productivity boosting Xerox devices employed by the largest corporations.

In fact, small and medium businesses poised to grow, compete and seize their market share have all the more motivation to benefit from ConnectKey’s time-saving, performance enhancing digital tools.

Employ ConnectKey to leverage digitization benefits for your business regardless of size!

NCX is a licensed concierge of Xerox technology. Our specialists will work with your unique business needs to create a tailored approach that suits your budget and emphasizes your business priorities regardless of your size.


Step Into the Future

All technology purchased through NCX comes packaged with complete professional training to make conversion hassle-free and easy. Our team of experts work diligently to showcase options and features to your office staff with straightforward training. This translates into every employee being equipped, able, and even excited to incorporate devices in a way that positively enhances the work tasks they do everyday. This greatly enhances adoption without disruption.

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