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The Xerox Versant Family of Presses delivers the full promise of digital print. Whichever you choose, you’ll become an instant player in the fastest-growing sector in the industry

Achieve benchmark quality and advance your capabilities with the Xerox Versant 180 Press. The Versant Family of Presses is known for high quality and easy automation, and the ability to print on a wide range of media types. With the Versant 180, you’ll instantly advance your capabilities. You’ll gain a competition-busting quality advantage and the ability to create high-value applications. Attract new business, increase margins and earn a reputation for excellence with stunning, accurate output.

Additional Info

  • Standard Capabilities: Color printing, copying, and scanning
  • Rated Speed: 80 PPM
  • Recommended Average Monthly Volume: 80,000 pages per month
  • Media Types: Coated and uncoated papers, bright papers, labels, business cards, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and custom solutions. Mixed-stock jobs supported
  • Optional Capabilities: High-capacity feeding, stacking, and finishing
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