What are Fibre solutions?

Fibre-based Internet access for companies offers large quantities of bandwidth at an affordable price. Fibre has a much higher bandwidth capacity than copper or wireless systems; it also has no scrap value, making it less likely to be stolen.

It is predicted that fibre optic systems will become the leading Wide Area Network technology as businesses start recognising the benefits of connectivity that literally travels at the speed of light.

Who should use it?

NCX's fibre solutions are ideal for businesses looking for a high-reliability, high-speed connectivity solution with the capacity for large volumes of data transmission combined with low latency.

How does it work?

NCX uses carrier-grade optical fibre infrastructure in main metropolitan areas. This provides last-mile connectivity and access to a full range of IP- based solutions. These include: Business Internet access, Voip and MPLS services, providing an end-to-end solution from a single provider.



How it works