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The New VersaLink C7000 Series Colour Multifunction Printer


Beyond Black & White

Technology in Xerox printers equips them with a wide range of capabilities. Innovation through the years has transformed them from limited function devices into modern workflow facilitators now categorised as Smart Multifunction Printers.

The Xerox VersaLink C7000 Series offers an intelligent array of options, pragmatic convenience, and an excellent price point. Discover why it is an award-winning dependable office staple…


Superior Reliability

Xerox VersaLink is a top choice for proven reliability and remarkable consistency. Designed for demanding duties, it handles large jobs with ease. Print quality and paper handling is excellent. It doesn’t suffer from misfeeds and it retains excellent alignment consistency! [ Source ]

Feature Overview
• App-enabled and mobile ready
• High quality, bold, vibrant colour
• 1200×2400 DPI for exquisite detail
• Preview scans & faxes at User’ interface panel
• Create text searchable PDF documents
• Smartphone-like touch screen
• A3 Duplex Printing



Simplify standard work processes with customizable features via the C7000’s maximum flexibility modular design.

• Interchangeable or specific feeder trays to streamline your printer from stock to specialized.
• Handles large variety of media easily.
• Finishing options include envelope stacking abilities and stapling of up to 50 sheets together.
• Optional Hard drive of 320GB.
• 7’’ touch screen with tailored home screens for Users.
• Expedite workflow with ability to save 10+ copy job programs.
• Adobe PS3, PCL5e and PCL6 emulations, as well as direct PDF printing.
• Integrated card reader bay for additional security and convenience.



High volume capabilities with processing ability of:

• Print Speeds: Select 20, 25, or 30 pages per minute with 110 sheet duplexing with automatic feeder.
• Scans at speeds of 55 pages per minute.
• Avoid excess costs with a standard capacity of colour toners rated up to 3,300 pages.


Cloud Connectivity Simplified

Internet connectivity is versatile and varied on the C7000 series.

• Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, High-speed USB 3.0, Wi-Fi® and Wi-Fi Direct® with optional Wi-Fi Kit, NFC Tap-to-Pair [Source]

The C7000 series is fully mobile and cloud ready. Cloud connectors such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, and the like are ready for User utilization. Print Remotely with ease by using Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria for Android, Xerox Print Apps and more. Access Xerox Gallery for an expanded range of options.

• Organize Apps the way you want them on the large easy to use interface.


Practical Built-in Safeguards

Security is vital. The VersaLink C7000 Series takes safety seriously and employs Secure Print and Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology inside to defend your business interests while you access the connectivity key to making business happen smoothly.

Connect Key ensures:
• intrusion prevention
• device detection
• data and document protection
• alliance with external security partners
• ‘Pin’ enabled print processing.

For an article regarding Document Management for Business, please click here.

Powerful but not finicky

The C7000 series are not fussy machines. They come standard with a muscular 1.05GHz Dual core processor and 4GB Memory. Follow the install wizard prompts for a hassle-free set up which frees you and your staff from frustration! The sturdy, well-tested design means maintenance is kept to a bare minimum. The printer is able to alert Users to needs in order to prevent stoppages. Replacements are centrally located and accessed from a singular panel on the front of the device for easy resupply. The C7000 series is geared for hassle-free production without the delays.


Perfect the tools you need to trade

Xerox’s functionality, quality, and affordability places them at the top. A brand known as a global trailblazer creating tools that make everyday workflow tasks easier.

The Xerox VersaLink C7000 provides professional results. It is a User-friendly device that empowers your team. No need to go into print shops, or even into the office with the C7000. Print from anywhere and collaborate with peace of mind using the C7000 series.


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