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Xerox AltaLink A3 Colour Printer

NCX - AltaLink feature

The Revolution of Efficient Convenience

The Xerox AltaLink is an A3 Colour MultiFunction Office Printer – going beyond the standard functions of Scan, Copy, Print & Email.



This future-proof device provides powerful capabilities with loads of practical benefits. A host of customizable features and options permits maximum flexibility and seamless adoption to be achieved. Expect greatness from the Xerox AltaLink series and experience the revolution of convenience.


What makes this a good printer in 2021?

Platform Agnostic Compatibility – Employ the platform of your choice. The Xerox AltaLink allows for easy integration with the apps and platforms that your team and Clients already depend on. This includes Box®, Microsoft® OneDrive®, Google Drive™, Dropbox™ and Microsoft Office 365™ & more.

Go from day one, without laborious switch-overs.

Remote Working Accessibility – Work from where you need to; traditional office, at-home, on-the-go, or in remote locations.

The Xerox AltaLink is the ultimate connector; with access from any device, anywhere.

Stable Security – Protect your company’s reputation and future. This machine pro-actively manages and mitigates threats with inbuilt security features.

The Xerox AltaLink equals security, sorted.

Uncomplicated POPI Compliance – South African regulatory boards call for businesses to comply with POPI in 2021.  Multi-layered security for documents and data with the Xerox AltaLink makes meeting (or exceeding) regulatory requirements simple. Cross this bridge and move right along.

Interactive Support Nationwide – Embedded web servers make upgrades, monitoring, and managing easy. Fully enabled for online training and support via remote user interfaces. Ideal for the nature of remote work, collaboration, and the mobile office team.

ConnectKey Technology – Connection with mobile and cloud commuting equals a spring forward in efficiency with supreme approachability and versatility.

Create, transform, store, access, and print on demand from anywhere.

Xerox ConnectKey(TM) Technology expands your office, from the physical into the digital.

Automated Document Management – Manage business records and processes from DocuShare, a central platform. DocuShare digitizes, automates, and allows for safe and simple streamlined data and document management.

DocuShare harnesses Artificial Intelligence to work smarter, so your work is easier.

Read more on achieving business clarity and security using Xerox DocuShare here.

Decide how you want to share, retrieve, store, and manage data with DocuShare Go or DocuShare Flex. Available in custom variations for a perfect fit.
DocuShare Go offers cloud-based or on-premise content management.
DocuShare Flex offers cloud-based software-as-a-service.

Professional Print Quality & Performance Speeds, i.e. a works printer – With high resolution 1200×2400 dpi, speed, and impressive monthly duty capacity this printer does not disappoint. The Xerox AltaLink is an over-achieving high performer on professional printing with an array of finishing options. Quality that distinguishes your brand.

More than a Machine

The Xerox AltaLink is much more than a versatile, professional quality printing machine. It is a doorway into Digitalization. A versatile high-powered addition to your office space that will change the way you do business for the better. Streamline operations through automation and file management so that you and your team can focus on things which the Xerox AltaLink can’t do for you.


At your Service

NCX boasts over a decade of specialized experience with small businesses and Xerox in South Africa. We provide in-person and remote support nationwide, including Office Supplies delivered to your doorstep. To determine which Xerox Printer will serve your business best, contact us today.

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