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Why Now? Embrace Change to Seize Benefits Sooner.

Unprecedented circumstances are redefining the need for Remote Work Tools. While ‘making-do’ may be possible for a short time, it is not a sustainable option for doing business effectively in the long-term.

A closer look at Home & Remote office solutions that enable & empower your staff regardless of disruption in the traditional workplace setting.

Solution Based Specialists

Custom tailoring office solutions is NCX professionals’ forte. Our experts have been specializing in ensuring that small and medium businesses have the tools they need to thrive since 2008.


NCX Home Office Solutions Package

Xerox 6515 Printer + Yealink W53H Phone + OS365 Teams = Equipped Team ready to work from anywhere.

Let’s take a closer look at the function and value these tools allow for in remote work.

Xerox 6515

• Wireless
• Cloud Connected
• Mobile Ready
• Complete Functionality
• Unsurpassed Quality & Performance.

This machine is a tool for business growth. It comes ready to work and delivers impressive high production output with up to 30ppm. Its easy-to-use TouchScreen Interface cuts learning time and allows for customization and workflow management.

This wireless enabled printer can connect with a wide range of mobile devices and is Android and Apple compatible.

Text quality is sharp with ultra-high resolution. Colour is on-point and unsurpassed with embedded colour correct technology. Capable of copying, printing, scanning, emailing and faxing.

Easy to manage, designed to save you time, it comes complete with built-in security functions to provide powerful performance in a compact easy to use at home size.

Watch: Above and Beyond for Business.

Yealink W53H Phone

• VoIP Ready
• Excellent speech quality (HD Voice)
• Competitive price
• Freedom of Movement
• Impressive Battery Life
• Compatible, Compact and Capable

Communication is a cornerstone of business success. Whether taking place between Management, Staff or Clients – it is critical to ensure ease and quality of communication does not suffer.

The professional features of the Yealink W53H phone means no compromise is necessary in workplace communication.

Perfect for small remote teams – as up to 8 handsets and 8 calls can be had simultaneously.

This sturdy, well-sized, easy to use handset can be made hands-free easily with a built-in 3.5mm headset jack. Its extended talk (up to 18 hours) and stand-by times (up to 200 hours) make it incredibly convenient. Its quick charge support allows for speedy recharging when required.

• Understand better what VoIP offers your business here.

OS365 Teams

• Secure
• Private
• Compliant
• Integrated

Microsoft Teams serves as an exceptional platform to streamline and consolidate; enabling your team to work well from wherever their office is.

A complete range of features allows for instant chats, video calls, voice calls, and multi-contact/project group meetings. Conversation threads can be limited to two or expanded to include as many contacts as needed. Data is secure, privacy is ensured, and access is controlled. Anyone with a consumer email can be invited to participate. Document management including archival and retrieval is straightforward, and compliance can be ensured.

Explore and learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Teams (a useful tool in the Office365 package) – simply click here.

NCX: The Correct Support for Your Team

NCX assesses, designs and implements Office Automation for Public and Private Offices. Employing NCX to assist means you save yourself the hassle of ‘school-fees’ and costly do-overs. Conversion to NCX Products & Services can be done with zero-disruption to your business operations.

Our highly capable and courteous IT professionals provide remote and on-site support. NCX technicians are able to be on hand to assist – as they can legally visit your premise to install, train and support when necessary.

*All staff is up-to-date on Safety Regulations to mitigate risk and ensure the highest level of medical security, Client comfort, and ease-of-mind.

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