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Looking for a dynamic platform to enable your workforce with a remote login tool offering excellent access, security and enterprise compliance capabilities?

Microsoft 365 Teams is placed as the top contender! Teams’ ability to facilitate collaboration in real-time from anywhere securely, can empower your team of one or one hundred.

Whether you are a school, a small business, or a larger enterprise – Microsoft Teams has something to offer your organization. Learn how and why Microsoft Teams is a convenient Video Conferencing platform and more.



Advanced Security + Privacy + Functionality = Microsoft Teams.

Simply put, each of your employees can log-in remotely via their personal devices to connect to your business network. Fortunately, NCX has years of experience designing and implementing Smart Offices & Remote Offices. To fast-track this process, simply click here for an obligation-free quotation.



As a M365 user, you own all your data, always. Microsoft does not access, scan or use Client Data. Customer data stays with the tenant.

To protect clients, Microsoft Teams is built with operational and security best practices and procedures from the ground-up with customer controls and service-level security. This includes team-wide and organization-wide two-factor authentication, the ability to set content-pins and control user access to files, SharePoint encryption backs-up files stored, and data transmitted is encrypted in transit and while at rest.

Teams follows the same rules as the Microsoft Trust Centre. Learn more about how Microsoft safeguards users’ security here [ Source 1 ] & [ Source 2 ].



Customer Privacy is key and Microsoft embraces it as a Human Right. Microsoft Teams gives you control of your data allowing you to decide how data is collected and used. Primary privacy principles include; transparency, strong security which includes encryption, strong legal protection and no content-based targeting. Businesses can rest easy with the knowledge that Microsoft Teams is committed to supporting compliance with industry and regional regulations. They provide guidelines to assist and educate, audit reports, and tools to ensure that your business is able to meet its regulatory requirements.

Source 3 ]



User-friendly, customizable, and fully people-orientated; Microsoft Teams is multi-functional to the highest degree.

Teams brings all the Microsoft applications that you employ into one place for convenience. Microsoft Teams allows for:
• Consolidation of tools on a single platform.
• Mobile Office & Remote Work.
• Simple File Management & Easy OneDrive Access.
• Highly specific organization and search function.
• Communication with Users outside of organization or domain via ‘External Access’.
• Increased engagement as individuals can meet, chat and connect from anywhere!
• Benefits for both individuals and co-working teams.



The groups you create in Teams will be as varied and diverse as your workforce and staff require. Form as many groups and participate in as many groups as your business system and objectives call for. Within each team; make multiple channels / conversations for particular topics or discussions. Form a ‘thread’ to speak to even more specific elements within a channel / conversation.

Did you know that you anyone with a consumer email address can be invited to participate in teams, channels and chats? You can also assign which files Guests can have access to, which makes working with freelancers as breeze. [ Source 4 ]

Useful functions within Teams include:
• Integration of Email
• Add Apps to channels for streamlined access
• Employ ‘Connectors’; allowing for data to be streamed into chats where applicable
• Flag, save and track vital information or important items
• Clarify, add-to, or ask questions within any larger conversations as needed
• Distinct, highly focused threads within Teams/Groups for special projects, client lists, follow-up tasks, etc.
• Easy and complete searchability for Team communication’ histories
• Collaborate with anyone; allow outside ‘Guests’ options to participate
• Record Meetings for reference (and if necessary; compliance regulations)

Did you know Microsoft Teams does not only record your meetings but will Transcribe them for you too?



Chats unclog inboxes; Microsoft Team Chats provide instant communication without the back and forth email pileup!

Microsoft Team chat software enables the creation of one-on-one chats, multi-individual chats, or messages to entire Team/Groups effortlessly.

A prime reward of Microsoft Team Chats is the organization already built-in with ‘tabs’; these make finding the information and making contact with who you need too, straightforward.



Within Teams search for a Contact or Team; then voice call, video call or communicate directly through ‘chat’. Other Tabs include ‘Files’ where you can view all ‘files’ any specific contact has uploaded. The “Organization” tab gives detailed organizational charts for an overview of workflow. The ‘Activity’ tabs allows one to browse the entirety of a Contact’s activity history from uploads to questions – across Teams and within channels and threads. The “+” tab gives the potential of adding specific Apps.



Work well, regardless of where you work from; NCX makes this possible. NCX offers skilled IT experts to meet your business exactly where it is currently at. Connection empowers success. Leap forward and work effectively with online platforms and tools that can unleash productivity.

NCX has years of experience with Microsoft products and providing support for all Microsoft applications. Our capable team can remotely train and assist your staff as they learn, adapt and master Microsoft Teams. NCX is geared to set up remote offices and connect remote teams so that you can connect business from anywhere. Contact us today for a better office.

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