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Business-Grade Internet

NCX - BusinessGradeInet Fibre

While there are many unknowns about the future; an investment in a good Internet connection is safe option that pays off immediately. Effective Connectivity has become the cornerstone to smooth daily business operations.

Why Fibre?
• Speed
• Reliability
• Security
• Cost

But is it that simple…? Is Fibre from Provider A the same as from Provider B?


Advantages of an Investment in Fibre

Fibre technology allows for exceeding versatility. Fibre does away with latency issues.

It features a strong signal which weather does not affect and is highly resistant to interference.

Bandwidth is increased for high volume data transmission with upload/ download speeds being symmetrical. Security is naturally enhanced as traditional ways of gaining access (such as cable-tapping) are not applicable. While initial installation does come at a cost, Fibre requires less maintenance over time, is scalable, and cost-effective.

Fibre allows for enhanced quality connections and eliminates unplanned downtime.


NCX: A Distinguished IT Service Partner

Looking to modernise your company’s IT infrastructure? Armed with over a decade of experience serving businesses in South Africa, NCX has refined quality offerings that deliver true value.

• Uncontested & Uncapped:

Always fast and never throttled! An uncontested and uncapped line guarantees your business is the only user i.e. your uncapped line is never squeezed.

This means you don’t have to suffer peak-period slow-downs, purchase expensive out-of-bundle data, or entertain uncertainty as to what you are actually paying for.

Avoid Staff falling into rhythm of being busy in beginning of month but backing off in the 2nd half of month to avoid having to report to the Boss that “we are out of data”.

With NCX enjoy one rate for the entire month: guaranteed to deliver the speeds you depend on and the data you require at the consistent quality you expect.

• One-on-One: Not only will your business receive a dedicated line that is all yours; your business will also enjoy the continuity and advantages of a dedicated NCX Technician. One phone number to call, one person to speak with. Enjoy the convenience of a single-vendor Office Automation team.

• Established Quality Relationships with Providers: NCX ensures their service provider relationships are maintained at highest quality. We conduct ourselves with integrity and have the weight and credibility necessary to escalate queries and sort problems without wait-time. Less established providers lack the benefits that accompany long-standing valuable relationships. We offer nationwide service.

• Single Vendor Benefit: Convenience maximized with a single point of contact. Changes are swiftly handled through your sole NCX link. So, you can spend less time having to manage all the services that you enlist and having to deal with your IT support – now you can simply invest more time getting your work done.


Strategic Partners: Fit for the Future

We will never oversell or recommend services or products which do not provide clear value in service to your business priorities. For intelligent Office Automation products & a range of IT services, contact us today.

Contact us on: 010 035 1218

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