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A Helping Hand for Business in & beyond 2021

NCX Feb 3


The Power of a stable Partner

Small and medium businesses face difficult choices in resource allocation. The decision regarding who to team up with for IT Support and Office Automation Services, Connectivity, and Telcomms involves careful consideration. Selecting a well-aligned ally with a proven track record allows your business to benefit from their experience and attention to detail. The correct partner is invested in your business successes.


Capable, Competent, & Competitively Priced

NCX has been facilitating SME successes since 2008. We are not a pop-up or a start-up. We are an established product and service provider well-versed in the technological landscape pertinent to small and medium South African companies.

Whether you are just starting out, growing, or resizing your business we can be meet you where you are.

What we can do for you:
• Prove our value with prompt intelligent support and problem-solving.
• Smooth business processes and sort things properly from the start.
• Educate your staff, give training, answer their questions as they arise.
• Provide comprehensive ongoing support.

NCX Commitment: we are here for the long-term & we believe that your business can be too. NCX Professionals are invested in learning & caring for your business, as such our Remote Services never actually feel distant or disconnected.


Overview of NCX Offerings

Providers of on-site and off-site support. Enjoy the conveniences of working with a single vendor for all of your business operations’ underpinnings.


Xerox Printers

Invest to own or contract a world-class printing machine on a monthly basis. Deliver unparalleled image quality to your customers at an affordable rate. Find the perfect machine for your priorities with help from our staff.



From network to headset; we’ve got a full range of business communications products and services. Lower the cost of communicating with clients and all stakeholders through our independent VoIP network. Go custom, with a Hosted PBX or cloud-based switchboard system tailored to your business specifics. Explore the ergonomic design, ease of use, and diverse functionality available in the award-winning Yealink IP phones and Office Network Technology.



Nothing grinds operations to a halt faster than internet issues. Keep your employees online, keep your clients happy, and protect data in line with POPI regulations using a scalable secure network infrastructure. A range of solutions and contracts available for internet services, including connecting remote home offices.


Managed IT

Outsourcing IT takes away time-consuming headaches. We offer no-obligation assessments to provide insight into your current system’s strengths and gaps, defining the starting point from which to improve upon in an intelligent concise manner without oversell. We supply the gamut; from office automation network design, hardware, software and servers to user support and more.



Protect and monitor resource access. Fewer staff working from business locations equals less eyes and feet on the ground. Address this and/or other potential risks through the installation of surveillance systems in warehouses &/ offices. No matter where you are, you can simply use your smartphone to see how your business is doing. Click here to learn more.


SaaS Microsoft OS365

Office life has changed. The future smart office has been rushed in due to pandemic protocols. Platforms that empower collaboration and team efficiency are vital to keeping the office flow; regardless of who is working from where, when. SaaS allows you to pay for only what you need with generous allowance for change. For a Home Offices Solution, click here.


Health & Wellness

All of our technicians are equipped with proper PPE and fully trained on its effective and correct use. Remote support is most often possible, however, in times when site specific support is necessary, you can call our technicians with complete peace of mind that our staff will go above and beyond to ensure health and wellness best practice guidelines are met without fail.

Back your business and contact NCX.

Contact us on: 010 035 1218

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