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How to keep your business Safe


This year, the pandemic has shaken, stirred, and turned traditional office and upside down. While the long-standing effects are still being determined, notable changes can already be observed, including:

1. Rise of the Remote Office &/ Home Office
2. Reduced workforce on the floor
3. Less in-person Client & Staff interaction
4. Increased value of correct technology & online collaboration tools
5. Heightened emphasis on safety

Safety First!

The resources within the workspace are valuable assets. First and foremost, precedence is provided to guarding Staff safety. This is followed by protecting irreplaceable business data, hardware and possibly physical stock.

Efficient and effective security solutions can serve as the cornerstone to safeguarding your investments.

How to Secure your business?

Less feet through the door and a diminished presence in office spaces mean less certainty and no assurance of ‘safety in numbers’. Fortunately, you do not have to resign yourself to risk and suffer loss… The solution is to enlist pragmatic security solutions which can be easily integrated and automated for simplicity and functionality.


Keep an eye-out for your business’s future by deploying suitable technology capable of reporting and recording – regardless of whether Staff personal are physically present or not.

The realms wherein CCTV cameras add value has expanded. Their once limited applications have evolved and they are no longer limited to the domain of big business or public safety. Features and affordability now allow for an impressive range of new uses and creative applications.

CCTV Automation Offers

• 24/7 Real-time monitoring
• Remote viewing from any device
• Motion detection & Facial Recognition
• Array of visual settings from HD to Night Vision
• High performance sensors
• Unobtrusive design with high quality-wide coverage
• Peace of mind

Business Advantages of CCTV

• Accountability – Visibility of arrivals and departures paired with footage monitoring stored for review; creates the capacity to generate feedback including rapid response. This allows for the stimulation of increased compliance.
• Positive Impact on Security – Surveillance technologies have been linked to a reduction in crime and in particular a marked decrease in crime against property when the cameras were visible. It also offers a security to any Staff who is on-site.
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Product in Focus

Samsung Hikvison CCTV camera range includes Bullet and Dome cameras. Excellent pricing and extensive features allow for versatility in application. Can be equipped to serve residential, commercial, industrial, and office settings. Available for indoor and outdoor deployment in main or remote offices. Remote viewing from any device.

Service agreement includes complete installation and on-going support. Explore in detail here.

Start Fresh, Assess

Discover new working solutions. Through an IT audit and professional consultation you can; identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth. NCX is available to assess and advise on secure remote office access, ideal workforce connectivity, and available software tools for your team. NCX is poised to integrate all of your business resources into a network that is safe, optimally managed, disaster-ready, and POPI compliant.

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Small & Medium Business Specialist

We are a home-grown South African business who understands the needs of small and medium size businesses. NCX professionals are personable, knowledgeable, and possess excellent listening skills. We won’t put your business in a box; our familiarity working within budgets and specific business priorities allow us to focus entirely on what will meet your needs best. Let our IT and systems experts eliminate hassle and guesswork, tailor-make a customized solution, and impress you with unparalleled service delivery from the start that won’t stop.

Our super-power lies in specialist solutions for complete confidence in well-functioning office systems. Let us empower your peace of mind.

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