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Cloud Services & Back-Up Solutions

Backup of the past was time-consuming, expensive and required physical hardware such as tapes and drives. Small businesses often forewent such expenditures as their data processing was minimal and their need to equalize the cost ratio a priority. Things have changed!

Changing Terrain; A New Dependence on Data

Data is now ubiquitous. Consumers and Clients expect and depend on digital platforms, continual communication, and online payment methods. Remote access needs have increased and present challenges in terms of security and regulatory compliance. Backup Solutions and Cloud Services have gone from being a Nicety to being a Necessity.

What is the Business Benefit of all this? Comprehensive Cloud Services with BackUp Solutions can form part of a Business Continuity Plan. If a Disaster, Load Shedding or Cybercrime occurs, you can simply restore the system to your most recent backup – that way you never lose more than a day’s trading.

Disasters and cybercrimes do occur; and the numbers tell us that most small businesses are unable to recover from an unexpected loss of data or a disaster; and will be put out of business as a result.


3 Realities Driving the Migration to Cloud Services and BackUp Solutions

1. Destructive cyber-criminal activity such as Ransomware is not diminishing. These forces seek weak links, shoddy structures, and managerial inattentiveness. When they find it, they gain entry, and proceed to wreak havoc. Is seeing value within your data is a difficult exercise; don’t believe South Africa is a target? According to a report from Accenture, RSA suffers 577 attacks an hour!

2. The local POPI regulations & International Data Regulations are energizing leaders to take data system and storage security seriously. Translating information protection from the realm of being a “good idea, we’ll get around to it” to “it is time to get-in-line with the law” carries benefits to both Consumers and Businesses. For a concise article on SME’s becoming POPI compliant – you can click here.

3. Working Remotely has increased massively due to the current Covid-19 global epidemic. More work is now being done digitally, online and remotely. This has required many businesses to undergo the Digitalization process. For more on securing remote work and remote access – you can click here.

Choose Wisely

Some solutions are not secure and many are not sound. For instance, ‘syncing’ does not equate to safe storage and syncing services are not to be mistaken for Cloud Services.

• Employing systems which are ad-hoc might act as a quick fix but relying on these is problematic and if your business suffers a ‘hit’, these rapidly deployed DIY attempts could be what results in making recovery impossible. Beware the ‘baddies’ taking advantage of loopholes left in free e-commerce platforms which put you at risk.

Business Owners who desire secure data solutions must invest in full-scale backup functionality. NCX allows this to be simpler and kinder to the budget than you might reflexively think.

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