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First Impressions


There is no scrolling past exceptional professionally presented paper-based hardcopy marketing.

Is your target market scrolling past your digital advertising efforts? The potential of a well-executed traditional marketing campaign is worth consideration. Broadcast the best brand image that sends the correct message. It is a valuable first impression.

Think of the paper quality & pen quality that is handed to you when you sign a contract. The look & feel are significant cues within the experience.


The Power of Paper & Print

Opening a newspaper on a Sunday afternoon, thumbing through the bevelled edges of an old book, relaxing with a new issue of your favourite high gloss monthly magazine, admiring a product via its pamphlet, or receiving a well-constructed business card. Remember how different currencies have looked and felt.

The texture and weight of paper, the alignment and layout of text, and the beauty of a well-chosen font – all work to form a tangible experience found only in hardcopy.

The powerful emotive properties of print proof why ‘real’ books continue to outsell digital versions of themselves. The irreplaceable sensory experience of paper itself; make it a timeless medium and valuable tool in modern marketing.


Sense Quality in a Physical Reminder

Exceptional paper showcases attributes that speak to your business’s commitment to excellence. Invest in your business by allowing potential leads to have a look, feel & keep a sample of the quality that speaks well & of your business.


What contributes to the correct paper for a print job?

Considerations should include:

Fibre Composition: The blend of fibres utilized influences the feel of paper. Proportion of hardwood, softwood, cotton, and recycled fabrics will all play a role in final paper product.

Manufacturing Standards: Ineffective quality control or poor manufacturing standards will detract from excellent print outcomes.

Weight: Inconsistent or incorrect weights in relation to technological specifications will contribute to skewed print, jams, and erosion of inner printer mechanisms.

Texture: Too-rough surfaces will negatively alter print images and too-smooth surfaces make for poor toner adhesion and bad image quality. Either excessive stiffness or too-thin paper will hasten paper blockages and production issues.

Paper Dust: Paper that is not well-made often features excess dust. Over time this clogs and gums internal device components and speeds up wear-and-tear of a printer.

Moisture Content: Non-uniform or incorrect moisture content is the result of ill-managed manufacturing processes. Paper with inappropriate moisture content will warp and curl, cause jams, and not hold ink properly.

Surface Uniformity: Uneven surfaces may result in unequal ink transfer and unfocussed results.

Electrostatic Properties: Chemical and fibre composition within paper contributes to how it handles the electrostatic properties inherent in print processes. Incorrect formulations lead to printing errors.


Xerox: Global Leader

If you are going to invest in a printer, it should be a Xerox.

Xerox produces versatile, renowned, and trusted office equipment. Xerox offers inimitable quality with every print.

• Explore the Multi-Function Xerox C405 & outstanding qualities of Colour Copy Original paper when paired for business purposes.
• Got bigger plans? Click here to jump to the Production Press that prints metallic inks!

Experts with Experience

NCX has over a decade of experience helping businesses in South Africa. We have been licensed Xerox concessionaires since 2008. Our Technicians are familiar with every product we supply and are skilled in both assessment and correct application.

• Our Technicians are thoroughly familiar with the different Xerox Printers available & know how to tweak each one for the specific business operations of each of our Clients. Furthermore, we pair the best type of paper for your purposes.

• We help you get the most out of the solution & are there to help if & when a future question / opportunity arises. Furthermore, we can have your ink & paper delivered timeously such that you never experience downtime.

We take pride in not forcing a one-size-fits-all approach or overselling. Our team promises to take the time to learn your business needs, priorities, and constraints; such that our advice can be relevant and offer good return on investment.

Ask us about full Office Automation solutions and subscription service Office Supply delivery – so you are never out of what you depend on daily.

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