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Print Services can be a valuable asset to business operations. The modern technology available far surpasses its predecessors. By leveraging connectivity and the advantages of digitalization; new multi-function devices can deliver a true ROI to businesses of every size. No matter how large or small your company is, you can mobilize Managed Print Services. Eliminate time wasters, usher out old frustrations and increase profit margin via connected efficiencies.

Listed below are the initial & extending benefits of Managed Print Services to businesses:


Track print service costs into decreased costs.

Keeping track of the true cost of printing is next to impossible without MPS. Do your records tell you when, why & how often your printer is used; how much you spent on toner, paper, maintenance, or even device replacement? MPS solves this problem of ambiguity; you can determine printer-usage, what you are spending and where.

Accurate reporting allows you to know where you can expand or where you need to tighten up. Centralized control and standardization also cuts costs, time and effort when it comes to buying, supply stock of consumables, services and billing.

MPS provides the following benefits:

• Complete customization i.e. job routing, output limits, colour controls, print rules.
• Analytic Data for insight into how your business uses the printer – that allows for informed decision-making.
• An opportunity to build a strategy that encompasses defined printing costs.
• Simplified management of your print environment (including better user experience).
• Lowered cost of consumables.
• Streamlined central management of multiple devices whether on-site or across multiple business locations.



Transform workday processes into streamlined protocols for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Automation makes life at work simpler and it speeds up print processes whether at work or via remote office locations. Eliminate inefficiency with multi-function device capabilities and well-considered document management. Digitize paper files and automate the elements of print services including priority settings on large, bulk or routine jobs, service scheduling, supply ordering and more. Minimal to zero disruption with easy to use user interfaces which facilitate employee workflow.

MPS provide the following benefits:

• Services that include dedicated monitoring and a call service line – can free up your IT Department to focus on the Company Network.
• Prevents breakdowns and keeps equipment online with preventative and predictive servicing.
• Gets what you need to done when you need it.
• Permits hassle-free digitalization.
• An embrace of automation that enhances employee performance.



Improve your office design to achieve optimized technology tools and systems.

Acquire the necessary and best technological devices to empower your staff. Give them the correct device for what they need; nothing more, nothing less. This will allow them to excel in their roles and spend more time doing what you hired them for and less time fiddling or making-do with insufficient, faulty or outdated workplace equipment.

MPS provides the following benefits:

• Endows your workforce with the best means available to assist them in their tasks
• Eliminates duplicate devices
• Ensures productivity doesn’t suffer from insufficient technology.


Transform Security Risks into Protection and Peace of Mind.

Have you come across confidential documents out in the open where they shouldn’t have been before? Keeping proprietary data private is essential for both good practice, the future of your company and in many cases legal requirement.

Protection of your valuable data should not be taken lightly.

Managed Print Services incorporates security features so that you can be pro-active in creating a secure environment in your office and rest easy that none of your resources, including data, are being abused.

Control Features include key cards, fingerprint sensors and PIN codes – among other options.

MPS provides the following Security benefits:

• Lock printers and exercise access control
• Protect data transmitted between and to-and-from devices
• Guard against Malware
• The power to create a secure environment for your data – this is important to note as outdated printers can be security weak points & hacked to gain access to the business network.



NCX is an authorised concierge of Xerox Printers; we specialise in determining the correct printer & appropriate MPS systems for your business.

Working with NCX experts allows your company and workforce to maximize the benefits inherent in multi-function devices and Managed Print Services.



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