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The future is here, hassle-free, and fast.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the ultimate option for cost-effective quality business telecommunications. Its ROI is demonstrated by the massive growth in adoption and demand. Various options are available to meet specific business requirements at every stage of growth.

Why a Dedicated VoIP Server is a Smart Choice: 10 Reasons

• Consistency: Enjoy smooth business operations with the speed you need. Your own dedicated server means you don’t get ‘shaped’, dropped, or suffer lag.

• Reliability: Don’t fall prey to unexpected surges that cause outages and diminish performance. A dedicated server means you always know what is happening online and your business doesn’t suffer.

• Customization: Your configurations should represent your priorities. Personalize your system to meet your needs best.

• Increased Performance: A dedicated server ups the resources available to your business.

• Scalable & Upgradable: Suit yourself. Choose and size your system to match your needs and change them as your business grows.

• Root Access: Root access means your system is designed your way! Take advantage of heightened access privileges to make it just the way you want it!

• Enhanced Security: Protect yourself with a strong firewall and comprehensive security options.

• Reduced Risk: Don’t let someone else’s sloppy security put your data, profit, and future at risk.

• Privacy: Keep what is important to you safe from prying eyes or malicious intent! Set up user-roles and groups, permissions, and security controls that keep your business (and its data) your own.

• Less Hassle: Make the most of Apps that simplify hardware requirements. Enable employees to work from Smartphones. Minimize chords and complications.



NCX understands needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses. That is why our team meets you where you are, to be best of service. Our professionals clarify, assist, and support.

NCX offers:

• Convenience
• Complete Installation & Configuration
• Hardware, Software, and Accessories
• Managed & Monitored Security
• System Support
• & More



With NCX you never get treated like a number or experience generalized customer service. Our professionals take pride in learning clients’ business-designs such that we can provide solutions specific to your needs.

We provide custom care, so your business is always running at peak performance.

Speak with us today and find out how we can improve your bottom line. To request a quote, simply click here.

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