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One-space office automation is easier to manage, secure, and streamline than you might think.


As businesses grow, the need for new features pop-up & tech is purchased to serve as the immediate solution – this process continues over time resulting in an office network with components added here & there.

It can be beneficial to take stock & review whether the office network has grown in an adhoc manner & whether the different components are still serving their purpose.

What may have worked as an improvised fix in the past can now be detracting from job-flow’ efficiency and prove to be a security risk.

NCX offers this simple guide to invigorating your office design such that all of the features of your office are integrated into a streamlined smart-network.


• Work Smarter, not harder
Modern technology offers features that allow for easier collaboration such that you can work efficiently and quickly. Communicate with office technology remotely so that you can connect with colleagues from whichever workstation you are at, to wherever you are in the world.

• Be Supported
With a consistent platform across devices, training is easier than ever. Save time and increase productivity with user-friendly technology that has support options embedded within it. Modern printers such as Xerox Connect-Key Printers are winning awards for the ways they support users.

• Stay Connected
Don’t miss out on clients or opportunities. New options are available to enable devices to be interconnected. This means that your office phone can be routed to your cell so you are never ‘out of the office’ for those depending on you. Are you making the most out of VoIP solutions?

• Say ‘No’ to Interruptions
Don’t let outdated equipment result in continued disruptions and distraction from work-flow. Eliminate unnecessary frustrations and facilitate employee and client satisfaction. For instance, rethink your network and include new advancements. For example, in PABX systems new office hands-free headsets offer simple everyday convenience.

• Go Custom
Don’t depend on what works for someone else. Determine a solution that addresses your specific, individual, and unique business environment and requirements. Insist on IT that is fit to you.

• Take Security Seriously
Threats to your business exist, cyber criminals on the outside and user error on the inside. Take protection for your entire operation seriously. Nothing robs your bottom line like an IT disaster that you haven’t prepared for or a data breach that you can’t recover. Proactive and robust security enables your business to thrive unimpeded.

• Harness the Internet
Is your Internet package outdated? Is slow bandwidth slowing your staff down? Waiting for pages to load is demotivating and distracting!

Even if alternatives were previously too expensive, things change fast – so it’s time to check again.

Untap the true energy of the internet with Infrastructure Solutions. Fibre is now a reasonably priced alternative, data doesn’t need to be scrimped on, and enlisting one provider for everything is possible. Options are available, and they are a business manager’s best friend.

• Work with Experts
Business owners and office managers shouldn’t be expected to be experts in everything and thankfully you don’t have to be. Determining the appropriate IT Solutions doesn’t have to be a burden. Allowing specialists to help you find your feet with current and emerging technology frees you up to manage your business.


NCX is poised to partner with you. Let the experts at NCX integrate all the features of your office into a streamlined smart-network such that that you can un-tap the potential of existing elements and enhance the way technology partners in getting work done.

• Now that automation is affordable, businesses have the option to streamline without a hassle. NCX is an approved Wesbank Provider, which allows our clients to choose upgrades, rentals & purchases that suites them & have access to intelligent office solutions immediately.

Learn what’s possible and choose a tailored approach that will work for you. Contact NCX today or Request a Quote.

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